Sunday, September 14, 2008

Maybe I'm being a little un-Fair

There is an event that happens 'round these parts every single year.

Kids of all ages squeal at the thought of attending this event.

My boys are no exception. They beg and plead each and every year hoping their mom will cave in to their wishes.

I cringe at the first sight of anything advertising it's existence.

It is....

The Puyallup Fair.

Ya...I know, I'm such an old fuddy duddy. You ask yourself...why does she despise the fair so much?

I mean really who doesn't love sitting in traffic in po-dunk-ville only to be followed by an exhausting search of a little piece of some one's front yard to park your car. That is the exact moment that the money in your wallet starts to effortlessly disappear for the next several hours.

After entering the main gate, you're senses are a flutter with the sight of about a BILLION people, the smell of deep fried twinkies, the sound of an infomercial salesman touting the miracle of his knife set that can cut through pennies.

You finally get used to the barnyard scent filling the air and decide to take the kiddos to the rides. (It's always better to visit the rides BEFORE finding a bite to eat...) Isn't it wrong for the carnies to charge more for their rides than Walt Disney charges for his?

I mean really, would you rather go to the movies or buy 50 seconds of pure stomach turning bliss only achieved from riding the scrambler? Hmmmmm.

Next thing you know, it's time to go in search of some overpriced, artery clogging grub. Should you visit the Sausage Shack? Earthquake Burger? Or perhaps the Krusty Pup? I swear the only vegetables at the fair are the ones on display proudly wearing blue ribbons.

Anybody up for winning a Nascar mirror? How 'bout an inflatable trumpet? You only have to toss a one inch ring around the neck of a two inch wide bottle! That is after you've paid the kid behind the counter three bucks to make you look like a total uncoordinated loser.

This is the point at which your feet start screaming at you... You would sit down to give them a break, but finding real estate to rest your derriere is not an easy task given the fairground is filled with half the state of Washington.

Awww...So much fun to be had.


So what did we do today?

ALL OF THE ABOVE, and you know what?

I'd do it again in a heartbeat because of this...

Pure fair induced joy!

We really had a fun day, it's amazing that contagious laughter and smiles can help make something you dislike into a great time.

Gotta love kids!


PRP said...

I second every single thing you said, but you know we would have been right there with you if we lived over there.

You're a great mom!

connor said...

I couldn't agree more. By the time we left, every SINGLE dollar bill had been slurped from my wallet. My feet hurt. My stomach complained about mystery meat. I was hot, thirsty, and tired...

But man oh man, the grins on the faces of those boys as the Scrambler whooshed them through the cotton candy and manure-scented air!

Great post, Kel!