Monday, September 1, 2008

Hammer Time Is Over!

We finally finished! We've spent a great deal of our Summer hammering, measuring, sawing, and swearing while working on our new and improved fence. Take a look at our handy work...
This is obviously a BEFORE picture. We knew it was time to replace it because anytime the boys threw a ball at the fence, part of the fence would come crumbling down!
Pretty sad excuse for a fence... Rotten and hanging by a thread.

But lucky for us, we had some helping hands along the way.
Thanks Gary for all of your generous help!

We also need to send a big thank you out to our friends David and Bill who also spent an afternoon sweatin' and helping us build this massive fence.

STATS: 320 linear feet
675 fence boards
2700 nails
6 gates
countless sore muscles

But look how pretty it turned out!
Connor did a fabulous job, he is a perfectionist and it shows!

Go ahead kids, just try to knock this puppy down...

Ahhh... it feels so good to be done. Now hand me a cold beer and a lounge chair so I can put my feet up and relax in our beautiful back yard.
Connor, you rock! I hope you get a smile on your face every time you look out across the lawn at the awesome fence you created.

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PRP said...

Congrats! It looks fantastic! I wish I was sitting in the backyard right along with you.