Monday, August 11, 2008

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

...And that is only because I forgot to bring my camera! I could have kicked myself!

Maybe Connor "accidentally" removed my camera from my suitcase because he did not want me
to capture his fortieth birthday on film. Yes... my sweet and handsome hubby turned 40 last Saturday!

So to celebrate this mammoth occasion we jetted off to Sin City for a little R&R amongst the palm trees and blazing sun.

It was nice just being together as the two of us for a change, we hadn't taken a weekend away in such a long time. Neither of us can remember the last time so we were definately overdue.
Our room at the MGM was pretty amazing, like nothing we've stayed in before. Modern decor, bathroom mirror television, swanky chairs and lighting fixtures. We were not in Kansas anymore.

The highlights of our weekend would have to be...

Unwinding next to the lazy river pool under the swaying palm fronds and bamboo leaves that sheltered us from the 104 degree sunshine. It was perfection, whenever we were too hot we would just hop into the river pool and float downstream until we arrived back at our lounge chairs! LOVED IT!

Sharing a scrumptious dinner together at this beautifully decorated restraunt. We sat on a little couch next to the fireplace. The food was unbelievable and the company present was unbeatable--I love you Connor!

Watching Connor play blackjack. He did very well until the dealer had to take a break. The substitute dealer just didn't give us the Birthday winning mojo that the previous one had given. Luckily, Connor had learned much wisdom in his 40 years and left the table before his money had disappeared. He later had the urge to play all his remaining chips at an empty blackjack table. Phew... he won double his money and that's when the dealer said "Take your money and run." So that is what we did. :)

Now mind you, not all our time in Vegas was a highlight... Here a few of the less than stellar moments...

The fact that this city sucks you dry of all your money was a bit of a downer. Nothing is cheap in Vegas, NOTHING. For example, we sat down for a drink at this mexican cafe and I ordered a margarita. Nothing was extraordinary about this drink other than the look I got on my face after getting the bill. $16 for a margarita?? That is just plain crazy.

Many people visiting Vegas scare me. I'm convinced the majority of them are made of plastic, flawless faces, hair, and bodies surrounded us at every turn. Kind of creepy.

While we were at the pool one afternoon, Connor and I played a game. It was who can spot the most tattoos or breast implants as the people float by us in the river pool. :) We lost count. In fact, Connor at one point said "If there are more than three ladies with implants in one place is that called a siliconvention?" I think I had tears streaming down my face.

I obviously didn't mention my slot machine playing skills were a highlight. Nope, I do not have the wisdom that Connor possesses. Maybe as the years roll by and I get to be his age I will be lucky enough to know when to say when. Although, I did have loads of fun plugging quarters into the machines and watching with hopeful eyes as the bars spun around.

Even with these minor annoyances, our time spent in Las Vegas was a lot of fun. You only turn the big 4 0 once, so make it memorable is my motto. I love ya Con and hope your next forty years will be as happy and healthy as your first forty!


PRP said...

I'm so bummed you forgot the camera but I'm glad you had fun nonetheless. Floating in a lazy river sounds HEAVENLY to me and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself so much!

I can't believe Connor is SO OLD. Luckily he still looks 20...:)

Happy Birthday Connor!

Anonymous Old Man said...

Wow... Nice one-two punch there, Kiz-Jo! One fist made of iron, the other of steel... If the left one don't get you then the right one will! I suspect you're trying to provoke me into one of my rare comments, but it won't work, will it?!?