Monday, August 18, 2008

Nothin' beats a good day at the beach!

Except for maybe four fun-filled days at the beach!
We lucked out with the weather and spent each day basking under sun in lovely 80 degree warmth.
We love our Summer vacations in Cannon Beach.
It's a family tradition I hope to never miss.
We've been there so many times now, that it feels like a home away from home.
Nolan just "leaning" on Haystack Rock.

Nick flying a kite in the warm Oregon sun.

A little smash ball anyone?

We love walking to town to peruse the shops and fill our bellies.

My men

Nick on a "funcycle", luckily it lived up to it's name!

Here's my crew in action... I love how the surf sounds and the sun shines.

We'll be back again next year to body surf, skim board, fly kites, play in the sand, and create some new beach memories!


Connor said...

Hi Mary Lou!
If you type your comment, select the Name/URL option under "Choose an identity," type your name, and click the "Publish Your Comment" button, you should be in business!

Thank you for the birthday wishes, by the way! I had messages from you, Lee, Erik, and Christina. Each one put a smile on my face!

Oh, and very nice post (as always) Kelly!

PRP said...

Looks divine! I'm glad the weather cooperated!

Anonymous said...

Nice dig save on the video Nolan! Love those wave sounds too.