Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun weekend with Fun People

It's been a pretty fun weekend around here. It started off with a Mariner's game on Friday night. With the M's being in last place, we didn't have a lot of hope for a winning game, but lo and behold...miracles do happen!!
My parents have been visiting from Arizona for the month of August, so we took Grandpa and my uncle Al to the game. It's been several years since Nick and Nolan had been to a game, so they were pretty excited by the whole event!
Our view of the Seattle skyline, it was a perfect Summer evening.
Nick and Nolan

Nolan, Grandpa Dale, and Uncle Al

The fam

The fun doesn't stop yet....

Next, we got to meet our new furry niece, Sally.
She is an adorable Labradoodle that is only 7 weeks old and barely weighs a thing! So cute.
She's the newest addition to Shannon's home and the whole family is in love with her.

The fun continues at the family lakeside BBQ....
My Aunt Linda invited us all over for a BBQ on the shores of Lake Sammamish. All the young cousins swam and played while the "much older" cousins visited and wished we had as much energy as the younger cousin variety!

Connor pretending to be a lake monster about to munch Alex... Alex squealed and ran away from the crazy swamp thing.

Here's Nolan jumping off the piling.

Here's the young energetic group!
(Nolan, Andrew, Audrey, Elisa, Alex, and Nick)

Alex with his dad, Doug.

Adam and Vivian watching from the sidelines.

Here's chef Al slaving over hot coals.

This is my Aunt Linda with her oldest grandchild, Audrey. I love this photo.

Unfortunately, right after my parents arrived to the BBQ, my mom fell down on the sidewalk and injured herself. She bonked her nose pretty bad and has abrasions on her arms and legs. Luckily she didn't break anything and for that we are thankful!!
We missed having them at the shindig, afterall... it was a BBQ in their honor!
I love Summer and I'm getting bummed that it's end is near.
Family + Fun + Summer = Happy Kelly

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PRP said...

Looks like another fantastically fun Sandifer weekend. I hope your mom is okay!