Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not So GR8


You all know I recently bought a new car.

I've been waiting for my new license plates to arrive.

At our house, we like to name our car or truck based on the letters on the license plates. For van had the letters "RQI" so I gave my van the name "Rickie". My sis-in-law's last car had the letters "PLY" and her car was named "Polly". You get the picture.

You never know what letters are going to be permanently stuck to the back of your vehicle and you always hope it's nothing embarrassing...

So today was the big day when I would go to the dealership to get my shiny new plates and find out the name of my cute little car.

What are the odds my new plates would have the letters...XXL. Seriously, XXL?? Extra, Extra, Large? That is sucky!

So... My cute little red car goes by the name of Fatso.

I'm so bummed. Even the guy at the dealership felt bad. He tried to lift my spirits by saying "Well, at least it will be easy to remember."


tripa22 said...

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Anonymous said...

You may hate your new cars name but it is indeed memorable!

(mine is VNK and I've been calling it Dr. Venkman after the "Ghostbusters" character Dr. Peter Venkman :)

PRP said...

I think it's awesome! Maybe you should send your plates over here and we'll put them on Brad's car!