Friday, May 9, 2008

How Bizarre, How Bizarre...

This morning, Connor, left a message on voice mail asking me to call him at work so he could tell me about the interesting thing he found on our driveway as he was about to leave for work...

Needless to say, I was intrigued! Was it a coyote? A mysterious package? A giant lump sum of money? My mind was spinning up all sorts of scenarios...

I called him back ASAP.

He then went on to tell me that as soon as the garage door went up he noticed a woman hobbling down the street near our house. As soon as she saw our garage door open, she made a bee-line straight towards Connor.

Connor said she looked like she was about mid-40's, very disheveled, bedraggled, and quite dirty. I believe he used the words "crazy lady" when he told me what he had found on the driveway.

She began to tell him about her crazy night... Which apparently started with a fight she had with her "best" friend. For whatever reason she decided to leave her friend's house in a huff, and thought she'd follow the train tracks to see where she'd end up. (brilliant) On her trek down the train tracks she managed to twist her ankle and fall down. Apparently, she fell into a nearby ditch as well because her pants were wet and muddy. Doesn't she sound lovely?

Then she asked Connor if she could come into our house to borrow the phone so she could call her sister to come pick her up. Connor politely offered to call her sister on his cell phone and was willing to give her a short car ride to the front of the neighborhood where she could wait for her sister to come get her.

As Connor and "crazy lady" were driving through our peaceful neighborhood she spoke up and asked if she could borrow his phone again to call her "best" friend to find out if she was still mad at her. (What?!!) To which Connor responded "Um, no...I'm sure you can deal with that later...buh-bye."

He left her on the curb and went on his merry way to work... In my car. That he asked if he could borrow for a fun change of pace. He apologized for the dirt she may have left behind. :)

How's that for a change of pace?

Connor... I hope your day has gotten back to normal after such a wacky beginning! TGIF!!
Maybe she was able to help us get rid of the new-car-smell that has been over powering us. :)


Anonymous said... always say, "no one ever comments on your blog!" Well here I go...I just caught up with what's been going on in your world, and from the sounds of's been rather fun. Connor...what luck? He did his boy scout deed of the day for the enitre year today.
As for Nick...way to go buddy! Congrats on your shiny gold medal. It is well deserved!
Kelly, you don't give yourself enough credit. You're a great writer/blogger! With three boys in the house, I'm sure you have a ton to blog about.

Happy Cake Making!~ Brenda

Kelly said...

Thanks Brenda! Nice to hear from you! Life is never boring around our homestead, that is for sure.

See you at work on Wednesday- I'm sure there will be more laughing to be had!