Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let's Take it Outside

Oh... Sunny Days!
It was a scorcher today, 90-plus degrees...Time to break out the Banzai Falls for a little slippin' and slidin'.

Nick and Nolan like to play "Lava Monster". Here they are hanging on for dear life perched above the deadly pool of lava.

Hazel and Nick enjoying the beautiful Spring day on the patio. Love. Days. Like. This!

Look at that handsome young man!
I'm so ready for Summer to get here...Can't beat a weekend spent outside, on a lounge chair, tall glass of ice-tea by your side, and the sounds of birds singing and kids laughing. It's the best!

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PRP said...

I wish I were sitting out back on your gorgeous looks so inviting and I know the company wouldn't be better anywhere else. Glad you enjoyed the sun!