Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let them eat Cheesecake!

Connor and I had the best time Friday night. My dear friend Karen and her husband were in town from Eastern Washington. They came up with the grand idea of going out to a dinner that didn't involve ANY children menus! DIVINE!
My awesome sister in law came to the rescue and agreed to keep the boys for the evening. THANKS SHANNON!
I was super thrilled to see Karen. She is the kind of friend who just lights up any room she enters. I really don't know anyone on this planet who has the ability to make me laugh as much as Karen does. I love her to pieces. Her hubby, Brad, is such a kick too. Connor and I really enjoy spending time with these two.
They introduced us the the Cheesecake Factory (Karen's fave). It is a beautiful restraunt with the most massive menu I've ever laid my eyes on. Needless to say, we ate A TON. Everything was delicious. Even though I felt like my belly button was about to burst, I HAD to try a piece of keylime cheesecake... I is the factory afterall. It was fabulous, a little painful, but fabulous.
When was the last time you spent a few hours with special friends, eating, laughing, talking, shopping, reminiscing, and just having a ball?
Thanks, Karen, it was a great night!

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PRP said...

I think Brad and I have said a million times since then "wasn't Friday night the most fun ever?" It was such a great night. We love our time with you and appreciate you arranging your schedules to meet us. I think it should be a Christmas tradition!

Thanks again. We love you both!