Sunday, December 16, 2007

Down with Scrooge

I hope everyone is having a happy and festive month. I always find myself a little overwhelmed by the daunting Christmas season early on... but as the days go by, I realize just how much I really love this time of year. I breathe a sigh of relief as soon as our Christmas decorations have finally made their way out of the countless totes and found their places in the house. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing all of the homemade decorations Nick and Nolan have made over their lives. Little paper snowmen, hand print wreaths, nativity scenes made from felt...etc,etc.etc. Another fave of the season would have to be trimming the tree. Each ornament holds a little memory from the past. I still have one I made in 1975!! What other time of year can you actually look forward to your trip to the mailbox?... I LOVE Christmas cards! I love to see pictures of family and friends and hearing about what's new with them. It's these simple, little traditions that make Christmas so enjoyable for me each year.

Another favorite holiday tradition took place last night... Our friends, Bill and Marianne, host the most amazing Christmas party every year. They estimated between 80 and 100 people attended last night's gala. Their home is so beautifully decorated, like someone brought the pages of the Pottery Barn Christmas catalog to life. They have endless supplies of delicious food for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the food, there is an abundance of yummy drinks...which make for an entertaining evening for some. A highlight of the evening is the traditional GREED gift giving/stealing event that takes place in their lovely living room. You are lucky if you get a place to sit because the place is packed with people standing shoulder to shoulder hoping to get the $10 gift of their dreams. We ended up with a 41-piece socket set and a keyring/pocket knife. Not really the gifts of MY dreams, but Nick was stoked about the pocket knife. It's fun to meet new people and see smiling faces in every direction. We really look forward to spending this evening with our closest friends. We are lucky to have such great people in our life. It was another fabulous party, way to go Bill and Marianne! Thank you for all your hard work, we had a wonderful night!

Only a little over a week until Christmas morning. Take time to thoroughly enjoy this special time of year. Don't get wrapped up in all the commercial hoopla. Try to bask in the twinkly lights, watch a favorite Christmas movie with family, be thankful for what you have, and most of all have fun!!

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