Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never judge a day by it's beginning

Yesterday morning I dreaded going to work because of an awful head cold that has been making me feel like I've got cotton balls crammed into my ears surrounded by a think layer of duct tape. Needless to say I can't hear very well and I'm quite astounded at the amount of Kleenex I've had to go through in the past 5 days... Yuck.

But... as I slaved away at work, helping other poor, sickly individuals, my hubby called me to tell me I must check out my friend, Karen's, blog because it would put a smile on my face. After such information I couldn't resist, so I checked it out and was smiling from plugged ear to plugged ear. Feel free to check it out and see why I was so thrilled. www.prpakakjo.blogspot.com

I went about my day feeling much better and kind of enjoyed the fact that I was unable to hear the corny piped in grocery store music that usually drives me batty. After driving home from my busy, sickly, but happy day I walked in the door only to have Connor instruct me to head directly upstairs to my master bathroom. Upon opening the door I noticed my cherished bathtub surrounded by beautiful glowing candles and filled to the brim with warm sudsy bubbles. On the edge of the tub was a newly delivered magazine, a soft towel, and a delicious glass of my favorite Bailey's drink. Perfection! What a wonderful and thoughtful husband I have! I vegged in the bubbles, sipped my yummy brew, and was completely happy and relaxed. Just what I needed! Thanks Con!!

Some days can start out seeming like a lost cause but can transform into one of your best yet.


PRP said...

Connor is THE BEST! That man is perfection. What a sweetheart.

I'm glad you enjoyed my news. I'm sure once the purging stops, I'll enjoy it too!

The Sweetheart said...

Awww... You're just kindly disposed towards me because I clearly follow your blog more closely than Kelly does!