Saturday, September 29, 2007

Noises ON!

It's not often that the sound of noisy boys brings a smile to my face. But as I spend this evening catching up on laundry, I've thoroughly enjoyed the sounds resonating from the various rooms of our house. Nolan has one of his buddies over for a sleep over and they are playing so nicely with eachother. I keep hearing laughter, jokes, video games, pinball machines bells, hot wheels, and a ton of other silly sounds. I'm reminded every so often that childhood is fleeting, so I'm going to bask in the boisterous noises that fill the air. Usually, I get overwhelmed and annoyed by these sounds...but it wont be long before they are gone. I just need to remind myself of this and just relax and enjoy the noise of boys!

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Puerto Rican Princess said...

You are wise beyond your years and I loved the reminder in this post. It's so completely true.

And I love the summer pics and that you included shots of our kids together. Sienna keeps asking about "Nickin/Nolan!" You MUST come to this side of the mountains SOON!