Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nolan's Vocabulary Lesson

Yesterday, Connor and the boys were visiting my sister in law and checking out her new addition to their house. They've decided to add a bedroom and office to their home to make more space for their newly expanded family of six. So while Connor, Nick, and Nolan were checking out the new rooms, Connor mentioned that the empty rooms were very echo-y... Nolan piped up right away because he wanted to indeed test daddy's echo theory. This is where most people would spout out "Hello" to see if they would hear the word hello repeated to them in an echo-like fashion.

But not our Nolan.

He immediately said "Bosoms!" He did not get the word bosoms to echo because his brother and father were laughing hysterically at that point. Nicholas chimed in "Nolan, did you know that bosoms is another word for boobs?" The shocked look on Nolan's face was a tell tale sign that he had no idea what bosom meant. He thought it was just a funny sounding word (which it is) and would be great as an echo!

When I first heard about this incident, I laughed until I cried, but then quickly felt a sinking feeling that maybe Nolan has been spouting off "bosoms" on the school playground or maybe in library class not knowing what he was saying! Too funny!!

So next time you find yourself wanting to see if you can get an echo, try saying "bosoms" it's guaranteed to get a laugh!


Puerto Rican Princess said...

I love that kid! That story made my day....tell him he's the best!

Aunt Lee said...

Nolan has always been Nolan & we love him for it!! He has always had a twinkle in his eyes. Very cute picture. Love Lee