Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally...The girls take over!

Okay...So maybe most of the girls in our household are of the furry four legged variety, but who cares!

We had promised the boys they could each get their own kittens after summer vacation. It's pretty much all they talked about all summer, Nick even constructed a cat house out of cardboard and tape just for his soon-to-be pet.

So about a week and a half ago we hopped in the car after school to check out the local animal shelter. As soon as we walked back to see what they had in the way of kittens, Nick and Nolan fell in love with two calico sisters. Before I knew it, we were heading home with these sweet little ladies.

Nicholas declared "I know exactly what I'm going to name mine, her name is JoAnn." I'm thinking to myself...JoAnn? Really? Is he serious? I didn't argue because it was his kitten and he'd been so excited about finally getting her, I just couldn't bare to tell him what a lack-luster, middle-aged name he'd picked out. Luckily, Connor had no qualms about telling Nick how he felt and said "JoAnn?? There is no way I'm calling a kitten JoAnn...I'll have to call her Jo instead. I know too many humans named JoAnn." Nicholas was a little taken back and didn't like the idea of us calling her Jo, so he changed his mind and named his kitten Sophie instead.

Which we ALL like!

Nolan quickly came up with the name Maggie for his kitten and she is CRAZY WILD! You have to be on guard all the time because you never know when she's going to attack. I'll be standing still in the kitchen when out of nowhere, Maggie is scaling my legs like they're must be a secret stash of catnip on my shoulder or something. She's a cutie but we all have scratches from head to toe.

Hazel LOVES her new toys...she's very patient even when they lash out at her with their paws. She lets them run and jump all over her when they are hyped up and when they finally calm down to take a nap, she'll cuddle and lick them. It's pretty sweet.

So...there, I think we're done having to buy pets for awhile. Our rule was always not to be out numbered. Four humans against one dog, two cats, and a tank ful of fish. I think we're good. Phew!

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Puerto Rican Princess said...

Um, I was shaking in my boots a bit about JoAnne- SO GLAD Connor talked him out of that one!

Those are adorable throat-clogging, eye-stinging, can't-breathe creatures you have there...Can't wait to come visit again!

Speaking of visiting....anytime for the Eastside???