Monday, August 22, 2011

Introducing Lola...

This little gal is the latest addition to our family. She's been with us for almost two months already so I'm feeling a little ashamed that I haven't introduced her yet.
Her name is Lola. She is not a showgirl nor does she drink champagne like it's cherry cola.
She is pure sweetness in a soft fluffy coat.
She was born on April 15th and is the daughter of my Brother's dog, Daisy.
They hand delivered her to us when they came for a fun visit the first week of July. (I will post about that later... busy summer folks!)
Here are a few facts about Miss Lola:
She is a mini Australian Shepherd
She has a reddish brown coat- AKA Red Merle
When she arrived at our home she weighed in at 10 pounds.
She now weighs 17 pounds!
She LOVES food.
She is an expert at playing fetch.
She likes to jump and chew on our other dog, Hazel. Hazel takes it like a trooper.
She may not like her name, because she doesn't like to come when called...
Unless it's dinner time. :)
She is an awesome little traveler... She has been to California,the Oregon Coast, the San Juan Islands, and Whidbey Island all in a span of 4 months!
She attracts attention from people no matter where we go- they can't stay away...she's just too cute!
She doesn't like attention from strangers.
She thinks breakfast should be served at 5:48 AM. Everyday.
I don't agree.
She has boundless energy, and has been witnessed to run "crazy circles" around the yard.
At 9:15 PM she zonks out.
We love her and are so glad she's part of our family!
Lola- 4 months old August 19th 2011


Suz said...

Need to get the "babies" together :) one of these days....hope you are having an awesome week off!

secondsister said...

Cute pictures of Lola. She was so dear here with her sister on the 4th of July. She is welcome back anytime.