Friday, December 16, 2011

Ninja Bread cookies

Merry almost Christmas to you!
The boys and I have been having a little fun making my mom's Christmas cookies which I LOVED as a kid. I have fond memories of decorating about a gazillion cookies each year---frosting and those minuscule silver balls (that were probably laced with lead) everywhere!
This year the kids are making a couple of platters of cookies to give to their Taekwondo instructors.
I hope they like the Ninja Santa and his elves!
So much fun!


Suz said...

these are awesome....i'll bring in some tomorrow that fiona made...much more difficult to even figure out what shape they are but they aren't lacking sprinkles :)

secondsister said...

I remember those silver balls. I don"t remember how they tasted though. You are a good Mom to make memory cookies with your boys.