Sunday, October 17, 2010

Telling jokes at my expense

It's known by many that I have a small defect when it comes to giving directions. Let it be stated that I DO know the difference between left and right... But for some reason when I have to say them out loud my brain almost always says the opposite of what I really want to say. I like to think of it as a miswiring of some sort, Connor likes to laugh.

Well tonight as we were driving around town, the boys were in the backseat and Nick was trying to tell Nolan where a certain landmark was outside his window. He accidentally said left instead of right and Nolan immediately piped up..."Ha! You just pulled a mom!"

I'm pretty sure the car next to us could hear the uproarious laughter emanating from our vehicle. I'm so glad I can be the butt of jokes for our family. I'm sure as my boys get older there will be many more opportunities for them to take advantage of my constant source of comedic material.

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secondsister said...

I feel for you Kelly. I have no sense of direction either.