Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scarring my children is not on my agenda...

But in preparation for the upcoming Halloween holiday we decided to have a family movie night a few nights back. We decided to amp of the excitement and watch a scary movie together. Over the past year, Nick and Nolan have been exposed to some scary flicks by way of slumber parties and a certain uncle that likes to watch scary movies. They survived and seemed unscathed by these spooky showings, so how bad could it be to show them yet another?


Let me just say, I'm feeling like a loser of a mom.

We watched one of my faves, The Sixth Sense. I remembered it as a suspenseful movie with a few scary scenes. But mostly I remember the awesome twist in the story line. I loved it!

Nick and Nolan beg to differ. They were petrified through pretty much the entire thing. They glommed onto me for the entire 90 minutes. They were still scared an hour later, even after watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb to help soothe their fears.

Bedtime rolled around and they seemed apprehensive. We tucked them in, said goodnight, and told them countless times that they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of in their home.

Not two minutes later, there was a crash in Nick's room followed by a blood curdling scream! His bow (that he had just hung up on the wall before hopping into bed) fell off the wall and onto his feet. He was pale and shaking and seemed to think it was the work of some frightening ghost.

Being the sweet and caring mother that I am... I broke into a fit of laughter. I couldn't help it. Connor showed up to chuckle as well. Aren't we awful people? After seeing Nick was not pleased with his parents, I told him that one day you will look back on this and laugh too. He was still not happy with me. We all decided that Nick and Nolan should sleep together in the same room that night.

I think last night was the first night since the movie that they have slept in separate rooms.

I am a terrible mom. I guess we'll have to save "Jaws" for a different year. :)


PRP said...

Um, what kind of mother are you???

Hahhaha, just kidding. Just tell them that Auntie K is the biggest scaredy cat of all and that they have nothing to worry about. I'm sure they'll feel lots better once they know that ET freaked my shiz for years....

Kelly said...

Karen... You are a master when it comes to word choice. LOL. "freaked my shiz" is classic.