Monday, March 23, 2009

Odds and ends of growing up and growing old.

Here are some of the latest goings on around our homestead...

Nothing earth shattering going on here lately, but a few things floating around in my head that I feel worthy of writing down.

1. A few days ago, I entered the doors of the local Junior High School and sat through a parent orientation that strangely brought me right back to my junior high days. It was a very nice school, but I'm in serious denial that my son will be attending that place in the Fall. He's going to have an ASB card, use power tools, suit up for P.E., rush around crowded hallways, etc. etc. etc.... How did this happen so soon? I swear it was just yesterday that I was trying to teach him how to push those yellow plastic shapes into that red and blue Tupperware shape sorter sphere. Time is slipping by.

2. Nolan made my day this morning... I got up early (which is unbelievable in itself) and was sitting by myself on the couch enjoying a quiet cup of coffee along with Meredith Vierra. Next thing I know, sleepy Nolan, with bedhead beyond anything I've seen in a long time, plopped down next to me on the couch and leaned his head on my shoulder and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. Seems so simple, but I really needed that. He's been seeming like he's growing up and trying to avoid the snuggling sweet stuff lately. Made. My. Day.

3. I can see the light. The light that will be our finished bathroom renovation. Connor and I worked a bunch this weekend on getting more steps completed... Just need to grout, seal, install trim, and attach the new vanity/sink that has been living in my family room for a month. This weekend we learned that we are one of the lucky couples. The type of couple that can withstand home renovations without wanting to kill one another. We work well together and actually had fun! :)

So see, nothing front page news worthy happening here... just a few thoughts bumping around in my brain that I thought I'd share. :) I'm getting older people, it's getting to the point that I need to jot things down or I'll forget about them forever.

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PRP said...

I always think this is the most important stuff to write down because it will give the boys a real look at your everyday life and not just all the pretty parts.

I love anything you have to say!