Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daydreaming and watching paint dry...

While I wait for paint to dry...

I will think back to my great weekend spent with Connor. His terrific Aunt Lee agreed to take our boys Saturday and Sunday so we could have a weekend together. We played "tourist" in Olympia and it was a lot of fun. We walked around downtown and along the waterfront harbor checking out the little shops and dining out to our hearts' content. The weather was bi-polar and we never knew if we'd be faced with sunshine or snow anytime we walked outdoors...kept things interesting! Why do we wait so long between weekends away? We had a wonderful time together and I know for a fact that Nick and Nolan had more fun that we could have ever shown them. Aunt Lee's house is a boys dream paradise... She lives on the Puget Sound so they usually hang out on the beach looking for crabs and fishing for who knows what. And the food that comes out of her kitchen is delicious and never ending! :) Great weekend for all! Thank you Aunt Lee!!

I've also got Nicholas on my mind today... I dropped him off at school today packed to the gills for his big 6th grade camp excursion. He and the entire 6th grade hopped on buses headed for the hills and some fun expeditions to be sure. He was SUPER excited and that makes me smile from ear to ear. He wont come home until Friday so it will be very strange around here without him. Nolan seems pretty excited, but I know he will miss his big bro in no time flat. I can't wait to hear about all of his fun experiences and to give him a big hug on Friday.

I'm also wondering how on earth I managed to pick the exact same paint color for my bathroom that I used in Nick's bedroom.... I mean I must have taken 32 paint chips from 3 different hardware stores and agonized over them for days before settling on the one I thought would be "just right". After painting for awhile I got a strange feeling that this color resembles Nick's, so I took the little paint chip up to his room and placed it on the wall and BINGO...it is exactly the same! Weird. Anyway, it's looking much darker than I expected and I'm hoping I haven't just painted a cave of a bathroom in my house.

Well, the first coat must be close to dry by now... on to coat number two! No rest for the wicked!


PRP said...

A weekend alone sounds heavenly! Did you discuss your summer plans while together???

I can't believe Nick is gone that long on a school outing. We must live in the wrong district!

I'm sure the paint is gorgeous. Have no fear!

secondsister said...

I loved having your boys! I hope you will let them come more often. They have to come back soon to put up the bird houses they built before the birds start nesting. We do LOVE all of your family. Thanks for sharing. Love Aunt Lee