Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He can be taught!

Nolan and I turned on some tunes and hunkered down to clean up his room that was being swallowed up by an endless array of meaningless stuff.
It only took two hours of sorting through junk on every surface in his room, but we did it! He was amazingly willing to part with much more than I had anticipated. I measure our success by not only how much better his room looks and feels but by the way he immediately wanted to sit down to write his cousin, Hanna, a letter on his newly found desk top!
We took Connor's advice and created a bigger "box of joy" filled with goodies his little heart could not live without... It fits nicely under his bed and even has room for future treasures.
I'm a firm believer in blaring good music while cleaning... it makes it so much easier!

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PRP said...

Good job Nolan! Your room looks awesome and I bet it feels great to have all that stuff out of the way!