Sunday, October 12, 2008

Move over Kenny G., Nick S. is in the house.

Last night, Nicholas was invited by his band instructor to perform at a local cafe.
His band teacher, Darin Motamedy, is a well known jazz musician that puts on concerts from time to time around the Puget Sound. He teaches at several of the schools in our school district and invited about 8 kids to play at his concert last night. Nick was pretty excited to be one of the four kids from his school chosen to play.


Check out their performance! They did a fantastic job. It's kind of hard to see Nick in the beginning of the video because my camera is crummy and because of his small stature!

We are proud of that kid! His grandma, grandpa, and great grandmother were able to attend the show and I'm sure they were beaming with pride as well!

Way to go Nick, all of your hard work and daily practicing has paid off!


PRP said...

I love it! Nick is awesome and some day, those skills will really woo the ladies...:)

Julian's Blog said...

My video was not any better! The kids did a great job.

secondsister said...

What a great experience for Nick! I'm sure all his relatives were beaming @ him. Wish I could have been there. I know Mom must have loved it! She is a proud Great-Grandmother. We are all proud of you Nick! Love, Aunt Lee

goooooood girl said...

Very good......