Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I love our neighborhood.

It's a rare sort of place where everyone waves as they go by, even if they have no idea who you are...

Neighbors are always looking out for one another and lending a helping hand whenever one is needed...

People come together every single year for end of Summer BBQ's and Easter egg hunts...

Nick and Nolan's neighborhood highlight happened just last night. The door bell rang and when they opened the front door they were greeted by a big Halloween bag jam packed full of candy, glow bracelets, skull necklaces, Halloween stickers, cute kitchen towels, and a pumpkin candy dish. They were jazzed! We had been "Boo'ed"!!

This little tradition starts each October and slowly spreads throughout the entire neighborhood. Once you've been "boo'ed", you have two days to "boo" two other families. Pretty soon soon all the doors in our neighborhood are sportin' ghostly signs on the front announcing they have been "boo'ed". It's a lot of fun.

So last night, after poppin' some skittles, Nick and Nolan began contemplating who could have boo'ed them and plotting their booing tactics that would be put into action in the following days.
They love sneaking around the 'hood at night secretly placing the goods on the front porches before ding dong dashing away. Their adrenaline pumps as they hide behind cars and trees. They like hearing the families squeal with delight when they find the loot that they have just left behind.

It's a fun tradition that my kids will fondly remember from their childhood. Just another one of many wonderful things I truly love about this place in which I live.

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PRP said...

I love it! My kids and I will be off to Boo someone over the next few days!