Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hallelujah for Brenda

OK...I'm feeling a little less than a stellar mom this morning.

My kiddos woke up to see two cute bundles of homemade cookies that my dear friend, Brenda, made for them just the day before.

When they spied these little gifts of sugary bliss their eyes lit up and they practically did a dance of joy. They begged me to let them open them up and try one even though they hadn't had breakfast yet. Being that I'm a total sugar-holic I caved and said "Of course, dig in!"

Now Brenda bakes the very best cookies of anyone I know. She's a baking pro. You should have heard the words coming out of Nick and Nolan's mouths. Things like... "Wow, this is the BEST frosting I've ever tasted."... "How does she make cookies in ALL these different shapes?"... and my personal fave from Nick "Hallelujah."

Now, I know I've made cut-out cookies with my boys before. But has it really been that long since my kids have seen a cookie cutter? Oh the shame.

Next time I go grocery shopping I will walk by the refrigerated dough section with my nose up in the air, scoffing at the array of "lame mommy" cookie dough that is calling my name. Next time I will get the mixing bowl dirty and crack an egg or two, and for heaven sakes I will dust off my cookie cutters so they can see that I too can make cookies into ALL kinds of crazy shapes!

Thanks Brenda for the fantastic cookies, as you can see they were very much appreciated!


PRP said...

I sure could go for one of those right now!

Anonymous said...

Miss Kelly,

Baking pro??? Are you sure you ate the right cookies???
I am glad everyone enjoyed the cookies. That's what it's all about!

Any requests for the next batch? Hmm.... Brenda