Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

On the most beautiful sunny day of the year so far, our neighbor's congregated to the park in the middle of the 'hood to partake of our annual Easter egg hunt.

This yearly tradition has always been a favorite of our kids. The boys were four and two when we first moved into this neighborhood...the perfect ages for a fun egg hunt. Now, Nolan searched for the candy filled eggs for the last time (sniff) because the cut off age is 6th grade.
Here are the anxious hunters learning the rules for how many eggs they are allowed to collect and in which areas of the park they get to search.

We met a new neighbor. So cute! I've never seen a bunny on a leash before. Connor and I felt kind of bad because we seemed more interested in meeting this furry guy than we did it's owner. Oops. :)

Here's Nolan with a couple of his buddies... Alex and Jacob, waiting patiently for the instructions. (I just have to mention that Alex came equipped with "Crown Royal" purple velvet bag to collect his eggs. I'm gonna have to tease his parents next time I see them.)

Each of the thousands of eggs either contained candy or a surprise token that allowed the recipient to choose a prize at the end. I think there were enough prizes for EVERY kid to go home a winner. So fun!

Yes... there was actually an egg perched carefully on that cement wall right where my sweet neighbor, Jordyn, is standing. I thought for sure it would have a prize token in it, but nope... just a few jelly beans. Kind of lame for having to risk falling into the drink!

This is my friend/neighbor Cyndie. She's got three boys so we understand each other pretty well. :)



It was such a lovely day! So nice to be outside, seeing neighbors that have all been hidden inside their homes during this nasty, cold, and ridiculously wet winter!

Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!


Momma Margie said...

It is s dusty evening with the wind blowing, so to brighten up my evening, i checked in on my daughters blog--it always makes me happy to know that she loves her boys so much, (as do Grandpa and I) Hioe to make it up to your place this summer to walk around the lake, and also meet the neighbor that enjoys Crown Royal!!

Kelly said...

Wow! A comment from my mother! I can't believe my eyes. :) First, online shopping, then a cell phone, now this? Wow you really are getting computer savvy these days! Love ya mom. :)

secondsister said...

What a great neighborhood you live in! Beautiful & friendly too!