Monday, December 6, 2010

A Day spent in the Big City

A couple of months ago, Connor's employer moved from one big city to another BIG city and last Saturday, we got a chance to check out his new digs.
Seriously AWESOME new digs!Yeah... those full length windows are the backdrop to Connor's high tech desk. I'm trying not to be too jealous because when I'm at work I have a nice view of store shelves stocked with prunes and odwalla juice. Not fair.

He gave a tour of the building, several floors of ultra fancy furnishings, and unbelievable views around every turn.

On this 16th level, employees can go outside to walk around the rooftop garden. Life's rough.

Nick and Nolan had to try their best Dr. Evil pose when they spotted this crazy chair...

I can just imagine the serious meetings that take place in this spot!

After touring the place and munching on the most delicious Christmas brunch that his employer treats us to every year (YUMMO) we decided to walk around Seattle to take in the holiday sights since the weather was divine for a December afternoon.

It's impossible for kids not to smile when they are going through a revolving door.

Pike Place was our first stop. I love the energy emanating from that place. Artists EVERYWHERE...selling their lovely creations and playing music to raise your spirits.

We walked a few blocks to do some shopping and we enjoyed seeing all of the holiday lights and bazillion holiday shoppers taking advantage of the lovely day.
I have to admit that we don't make it to the BIG city very often... This was apparent when we spied a man dressed from head to toe in a shiny spandex super hero outfit walking down the sidewalk and Nolan blurted out "Do you think he lost a bet?"
I had to remind Nolan that you see all kinds of interesting people when you get out of the suburbs and into the city.
It was pretty funny!

It's nice to finally get to see where Connor spends his workdays. I don't know how he can get any work done with those amazing views right behind him. One of his co-workers said to keep an eye out for "ugly naked guy" who sometimes makes an appearance in one of the buildings nearby. Ick. Just avert your eyes Connor.

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