Monday, November 22, 2010


I can't fathom the fact that I have a fourteen year old today.

Nick is turning fourteen and it's hard for me to swallow. Only 4 more years and that kid is an adult. Not cool. But I will tell you what is cool. Nick. And here are 14 reasons why...

1. You'd be hard pressed to find a person who deeply cares for animals the way Nick does.
2. He will give me a hug anywhere, anytime. Even in the middle of the Zumiez store yesterday... Not many teens would do that!
3. He can kick higher than his head.
4. He loves mixing food to come up with strange concoctions... case in point- egg nog and chocolate sauce. (that particular experiment was a success in his eyes)
5. He is a stellar big brother!
6. He is very coordinated and can learn how to do things at a drop of a hat. (Don't let all of the urgent care visits fool you.)
7. He's got the coolest hair evah! Ladies always stop me to comment on his reddish wavy locks.
8. He can launch himself over hurdles without any trouble and that's no easy feat at his height.
9. He can cook up a mean batch of top ramen.
10. He's a smart cookie.
11. If the world's population had just a smidgen of his caring and thoughtful ways the world would be a much better place.
12. He LOVES little kids, and is so kind and in tune with their wants and needs. They gravitate to him.
13. He is an artist. An amazing artist.
14. He's becoming quite the practical joker lately... and we all know I love a good practical joke!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest 14 year old walking the planet! Hope your day is filled with laughs, more snow flurries, and lots of chocolate! I love you kiddo!


Suz said...

Happy birthday Nick!....Kelly, hope you finally got home safe, heard you had to make a detour :)

GS (Grandma Soares) said...

I don't know Nick well but I can see that he is a sweetheart. Of course, being 14, he might not appreciate this comment.