Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lincoln City 2010

As most of you know, we like to head to the Oregon coast every August for a little relaxation vacation.
We usually head to Cannon Beach...AKA our second home.
But this year, I made the executive decision to try out a new locale. Let's just say I wasn't very popular when news spread of my poor decision.
We went a little farther south to the town of Lincoln City. I thought it would be fun to see some new sights and try new restaurants and shops. I'll be the first to admit that my choice was not a good one, and we will be going back to Cannon Beach in the future...Not that the beach wasn't beautiful. It was just harder to get to and flanked by ugly old motels. And the town had the main 101 highway streaking through the middle making it VERY unpedestrian friendly. That Highway is CRAZY busy ALL DAY LONG.
One bright spot in our week was the house we rented. It was very nice! The decor was inspiring and very comfortable...we felt right at home.

It had a great rec-room upstairs that came complete with a huge flat screen TV and this amazingly fun shuffleboard sand table. We must have played a hundred games of shuffleboard, it was addicting!

The first day was a tad windy and cloudy...perfect for Nick to give his parachute kite a try.

And who doesn't love a good game of sand soccer or tag on the beach?

Nick and Nolan are die hard wave jumpers. Let me just say, there weren't very many people in the water... But there were a lot of people on the beach looking at them like they were totally nuts.

Connor joined in the fun... Luckily, someone had to stay back to take pictures. :)

We headed to Newport which is a little farther south to check out their aquarium. It was one of the nicest aquariums we've been to. There are several of these tunnels to walk through.

I think my boys could have hung out at the touch tank all day long.

This is the piranha tank...and yes those are my kids inside. (A funny little capsule you could crawl into in the middle of the tank.)

We had a couple of days of sunshine and boy what a difference that makes. The water is such a lovely shade of blue/green on sunny days.

Hazel was lucky enough to join us on this trip. She absolutely loved the beach... She could chase seagulls all day long. She did get a little tired of constantly running to keep all four of us herded together. (She's a Australian Shepherd) She doesn't like her flock to be too far apart!

Ahhhh....another successful trip.
The expressions on these faces pretty much sum up our vacation.
Well be back again next year!


PRP said...

SO glad you had another great trip to the coast, even if you did sacrifice your beloved Cannon Beach. At least now you know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation. What fun, and what a blessing for me to see!
Grandma Pat