Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Tahoe is Fabulous

Ahhh...Stunningly beautiful Lake Tahoe...

Where the water is so crystal clear and blue you have to remind yourself that you are 6000+ feet up in the mountains instead of on a beach in the Caribbean Sea.

Unlimited activities await you... Like kayaking atop water so clear, you can see forever down below.

Or... possibly rowing in a canoe as if you are on a gondola in Venice Italy.

The lake is 12 miles wide, so if it's stormy on the Nevada side... The Californians are still sitting dry and happy as they watch the lighting show across the lake.

Cousins beach themselves on inflatable islands for hours at a time, laughing, dunking, and just having the time of their lives.

You may choose to rent a camper to make yourself "feel" safe from the bears that would rather ransack a tent than a tent trailer. Yeah right. But if it allows you to sleep than so be it.
(Note... you may still hear what you believe to be a bear at 3 am growling in the night. Yes. I. Was. Freaked.)

You may wake to find claw marks through your picnic tablecloth the next morning. Your husband will deny that they could possibly belong to a bear. "More likely a squirrel or raccoon"

There are many hiking trails to enjoy. Like this one to the top of Eagle Rock where crazy cousins can pose for a perfect photo-op.

(Hanna and Grace looking cute atop Eagle Rock)

You might find a wonderful family on your hikes. For instance my brother's family is looking quite fantastic on this particular hike.

This family is not too shabby either. And one of them traded in his crutches for a hiking stick! Hooray!!

The campfire tends to bring out the nuttiness in the group.
We told crazy stories about sea creatures driving kelp cars, explosions of mushroom clouds, and aliens in tutus...just to name a few.

If wacky stories are not what your aiming for, you are bound to see some smiles around the fire too.

See what I mean?

If you are lucky, you will have a camp neighbor who is as well stocked as this guy. This camper (AKA my brother, Scott) had a sweet set up and just about every camping accessory known to man.

More campfire smiles

Beware. Bringing out board games can really cause a ruckus. These kids were beyond silly and having some serious fun playing Settlers of Catan.

Just a little bottle of tacky glue and some googly eyes is all you need to make some fun. The possibilities are endless when you tromp around the forest looking for the perfect item to adorn with plastic eyes.

In Tahoe you will see a gazillion of these cuties. I mean really. Does it get any cuter than this?

Take a plunge into the swimming pool, uh, I mean lake. Nick took the plunge!

Tahoe in July is a wonderful way to spend your days. Especially when you enjoy it with some of your all time favorite family members. The sand is warm, the water refreshing, and the company cannot be beat.


secondsister said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! We had a tent trailer with our kids when we went to Yellowstone Park. It was fun!

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