Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Another fun filled Fourth of July has come and gone. This year's festivities were enjoyed yet again on the shores of Puget Sound at Aunt Lee and Uncle Terry's lovely home. We left our home that was blanketed in clouds...happy to see blue skies and sunshine at our destination. Isn't this an amazing view? I could sit on their deck all. day. long.
This celebration was extra special because our family has grown recently. Connor's cousin Erik and his wife, Melissa, had a beautiful baby girl on June 4th. That cutie didn't have a shortage of relatives wanting and begging to hold her.

Connor's sister Sarah and her toddling son, Caleb made the trek to spend a fun fourth with the family.

Because the weather was perfection, most everyone spent the whole day on their deck overlooking the bay and the kids down below on the beach.

Connor's sister Shannon and his Aunt Kim

Here's Nick giving me a hearty Fourth of July gesture I guess....
That is Jesse and Nolan next to him. I'm pretty sure they came up from the beach of pyromaniacs just to get some potato chips. :)

My nephews, Ben and Jay all decked out in their patriotic garb.

Connor's uncle Ed and step-dad Joe. Isn't that view to die for? I love their home!!!

Is it a bird? A plane? Doubt it's superman.... more likely a pelican or a wayward bottle rocket.
But don't Lee and Shannon look youthful and happy? :)
(inside joke)

Cousin Erik and his sweet little guy, Reese. He is a talkative little boy these days...I'd take him home in a heartbeat!

Connor's cousin Hannah along with her grandmother Marie. One of the sweetest ladies around.
Any holiday that brings so many family members together is a favorite of mine. (minus the gun powder, fuses, and wayward bottle rockets of course).

Shannon playing a joke on Nick. Something about an interrupting starfish or something... :)

Ahhh... the beach. This is where the "big kids" hung out all. day. long. They lit about a gazillion smoke bombs, firecrackers, bottle rockets, and whatever else makes me age rapidly. It's no surprise I'm not a fan of fireworks, but I know they are responsible and safe kids so I should chill out. They all survived the day and left with giant smiles and all of their all is good.

Nick launching a bottle rocket off a fallen log into the bay.
I really wish I had taken pictures of the "BIG" fireworks that the older cousins and uncles lit at night. It was spectacular! Mortars galore that lit the night sky and filled the view of the bay. One was even called the 10'000 degree sunburn. Seriously powerful and amazing fireworks. Do I dare say I think it may have been the best "show" I've seen in the past 17+ years? Perhaps!
It was such a perfect day. Thank you Lee and Terry for opening your home to host yet another fun filled family shindig. You guys are amazing and we love you both so much!
The boys had so much fun with their cousins creating more lifelong memories.
It was just perfect.


gregy fuertes said...

Perfectly..........nice day!
I just impressed you as a mother, knowing the kids want's and terribly a turn of busy motion at home is all remarkable.
Wish I could find friendship to you and your family.

secondsister said...

We had a wonderful day!! Everyone agrees it was the best fireworks ever!! No one even wanted to go out in the boat. The kids just LOVED hanging out @ the beach with fireworks. I need copies of your wonderful pictures!! We love all of you!! Lee & Terry