Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who's turning the big 35 today???

Who was afraid of backyard tent sleepovers and always ended up inside the house before dawn?
Who cracked me up every time we'd get in an elevator growing up?
Who danced ballet beautifully for fifteen years?
Who always accompanied me to Dairy Queen via bicycle to sit in "our" booth?
Who is the definition of funny?
Who comes up with the best dang nicknames for her loved ones?
Who can cook up anything and make it taste like the most heavenly morsel on earth?
Who likes to think she is "so much younger" than me?
Who is a rock star mother?
Who dresses in a way that Stacy and Clinton would be proud of? Always stylish & cute?
Who's home is so welcoming you instantly feel cozy and happy upon walking inside?
Who talks like an Armenian taxi driver? Farg! (Connor's contribution)
Who has a new finned friend named Frieda?
Who cliff jumped into the Sea of Cortez several times?
Who has an amazing gift for writing?
Who looks smokin' hot after working hard at living a healthier lifestyle?
Who am I happy to call my dearest friend and have for 32 years?

This Chicka!!

Happy Birthday Karen!
I love you!!

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PRP said...

Thanks Kel. You're the best and the only thing that would make this day any better was if you were here with me. I love you!