Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Because...

...I just got home from spending 3 days at Karen's house trying to make life a little easier for her while she's down recuperating from surgery.

...spending time with her family is always uplifting; they are the most loving, happy, well adjusted family I know. Just being around them makes me a better person. friend's surgery was successful and she's doing amazingly well.

...I got to bond with her kiddo's more than I have ever had the chance to before.

...hours spent with Karen on the couch are filled with lots of catching up on each other's lives and stifled laughter. (laughing hurts after surgery...sorry about that Karen)

...Our friendship only grows stronger with each year and it's nice to know I can always count on her.

...I saw first hand how her hubby is a perfect match for her. He's a great guy who tends to her every need, is a best friend to each of his children, and makes fantastic waffles!

...not only does her family drop everything to help her out, I witnessed her friends teaming up to make sure Karen's needs were met and will be for weeks to come! Awesome friends indeed.

...I thoroughly enjoyed the drive across the mountain pass cruising along listening to my favorite tunes. family was understanding and willing to let me go for a few days to help a dear friend.

...I was welcomed home to huge smiles and outreached arms.

...upon entering my home, I noticed every surface was clean and shiny! I love those guys!

...I get to spend the rest of this glorious weekend with my husband who is a perfect match for me!

...both Karen my lives have turned out to be exactly what we had hoped for and that just makes me so Happy!

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PRP said...

You are so sweet. I completely agree with everything you husband is the bomb diggity, my children are amazing, my local friends astound me, my friendship with you surpasses all others, and all three of your boys are the best there is.

We are such lucky girls. Thanks for everything. I love and appreciate you more than you know!