Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cabo San Lucas 2009... "It's All About The Fun"

Several months ago I was sitting across the table from my dear friend, Karen, at the Cheesecake Factory....
This is when she brought up the proposition of Connor and I accompanying her and her husband, Brad, on a fabulous trip to Cabo San Lucas.
A little persuasion, months of anxiously waiting, packing, and a couple airplane flights later and we finally made it!
This is what greeted us every morning out our window....

We were sad to have to leave the boys stateside, but we are firm believers that it is IMPORTANT to take time out to just be a couple. Happy parents make for a happy household. It was so nice to relax in the tropical sun with my sweetie for an entire week. Thank you Connor for making this happen, it was an amazing week. I love you!

Karen and Brad are some of the happiest, loving, funny, and inspiring people I know. Spending an entire week with them was refreshing and undeniably FUN!
We laughed more in seven days than we have in a long time.
I have to add that having Brad along in Mexico is BUENO! He is completely fluent in Spanish and it was amazing to see the looks on the local's faces when the giant Spanish speaking gringo started talking. I have no doubt Brad saved us muchos pesos as he was beyond helpful in bargaining some stellar deals with the local vendors.

Karen is like a sister to me. I guess thirty one years of friendship will do that. I love her more each year and spending time with her for days on end was like going back in time to our childhood... We were giddy, silly, and had so much fun together.

Obviously, we took a lot of pictures from this vantage point right outside our front door. Every time we walked out we were shocked by the beauty of the bay and Lands End stretching out into the distance. Lovely!

Most of our days were spent in the sea or our pool staying cool in the mid-day sun.
This, however, is NOT our pool. Brad conspired to "break in" to a neighboring hotel's pool just to check out how the other tourists were living it up.
We made it "in" and swam around for awhile. I have to admit it was a really nice pool and breaking the rules was a little fun!

This bad boy just appeared one morning smack dab in the middle of the bay. It totally looked out of place because of it's mammoth size. I'm not a fan of cruise ships parking in my view and dropping off masses of tourists to litter my pristine beaches.

In Cabo, the beaches are full of vendors trying to convince you to buy their goods. They all claim to be your "friend" and have special deals "jus fo you, today only". This is my friend Jose, and he did have a might pretty silver ring jus fo me.

My adventurous and nature loving hubby found all sorts of creatures while in Mexico. Luckily, this GIANT beetle/insect/monster was of the deceased variety. But Connor loved him just the same.

This is the beach right in front of our condo where we bobbed in the Sea of Cortez each day snorkeling. It is here that we spotted puffer fish, flounder, long tube fish, and two Sting Rays!

The beaches are alive with tourists, vendors, and locals trying to sell you a ride across the bay to Lover's Beach. Lover's beach is on Land's End and stretches out across the sea between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific ocean. We ventured there twice and were in awe of the waves and snorkeling to be had there. Sadly, I don't have any photos because my camera couldn't handle the humidity those days. We saw amazing tropical fish and all four of us climbed a giant rock and jumped off of a 25 foot cliff into the Sea of Cortez! (I took a little more persuading than others, but I did it!)

Our resort had a nice roof-top restaurant that had amazing 360 degree views of Cabo and everything below. It also had cool and refreshing misters spraying us while we munched away...it was a popular hang out for all of us!

We ate at "The Office" a couple of times with our feet in the sand. It had a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and every now and then some guy would hose off the sand around your feet to keep you cool!

I love this man!
Another beach front dining experience sans sand between my toes.

In town, we walked around until the sweat was beading fast. Time to duck into the local Haagen Daaz for a cool treat. We were shocked by the ridiculously high prices for ice-cream... and even more shocked to see the scoops were minuscule!

This is the marina only a block from our resort.
It was surrounded by shops and restaurants.

Our pool was divine. It was a welcome treat after swimming in the salty sea. We'd jump in the pool to desalinize ourselves and cool off.

It was also the PERFECT place to catch some rays while reading

Three words. Swim. Up. Bar.
Nachos and a pina colada make Kelly a happy girl.

Thank you Karen and Brad for inviting us to come along on this fun filled trip of a lifetime.
Thank you Connor for making this dream trip a reality and for being the love of my life. I couldn't imagine three other people I'd rather spend that special week with in beautiful Cabo.
For a perfect summary of our trip and amazing pictures, check this out! She's got a gift and I love how she's portrayed our time together!


PRP said...

It's IS all about the fun....

Thanks again for a most amazing trip! We loved every second and couldn't have asked for anything more! You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

It is clear from the smiles that you all had a great time. I am so happy you got to do this trip. You all deserved this reward for being such good Moms and Dads and friends.