Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Sluggers

What better way to spend a warm sunny evening in June than to watch my boys play some baseball?

We were lucky to get Nick and Nolan on the same baseball team this year. Because there were not enough kids in Nick's division, they moved the players down a notch into the younger division and now both Nick and Nolan are proud players of the Strikers team.

This not only means more brotherly bonding, it also means a less hectic schedule for moi! I'm not running two kids around in a million different directions to get them to different practices and games. Sweet.

At first, I didn't know how Nick would feel having to play on the 9-10 age team. He is almost a teenager after all (I hear that sentence quite frequently from his mouth). But he hasn't complained once. If fact, just take a look at this video and you'll see the brotherly bonding has been going strong!


Don't 'cha just love the celebratory "chesting high five" they gave each other at the end.

I have a feeling that this is the memory they will have of their time playing baseball together on the same team. I'm sure they wont recall losing the game by one measly run. In fact, they didn't even mention the loss while walking back to the car or even on the drive home. Nick congratulated Nolan on an awesome game played. And Nolan returned the compliment by telling Nick his pitching skills were awesome too.
It'll be fun to see what the next few remaining games have in store for us. I'm hoping for more sunshine and high-fives.


PRP said...

That brought tears to my eyes! Look at you, adding music and stuff. So great! I love your boys!

secondsister said...

Watching your kids play baseball can only be beat by watching your grandchildren play baseball. Colten got a grand slam! Home run with bases loaded (they had to tell me that is what it is) I'm not a baseball fan except when it has to do with my family! Great going Nick & Nolan!! Love,Aunt Lee