Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 School Carnival

I have fond memories of my grade school carnivals. They were always a highlight of the entire kid year. I loved playing those silly games in the gymnasium that almost always won me another smelly eraser to add to my collection. Remember those?.... Root beer scent was my favorite! I also recall riding ponies and bouncing in the "moon walk" inflatable dungeon with my pals laughing til it hurt.

But one of my favorite memories was dunking my oldest brother, Scott, in the dunk tank.

He had agreed to sign up to be one of the unlucky soggy victims that sits anxiously awaiting their wet doom to someone else's delight. Our elementary school had to look high and low for volunteers to sit in that tank. Mostly high school kids and adults that didn't know better would agree to be dunked.

It was great seeing Scott sit helplessly as I whirled balls towards the target. Finally, revenge for all the years of never ending teasing. Seriously. Never. Ending. Teasing.

Well, Nick and Nolan's school do things a little differently... They ask the 6th graders for volunteers. It's almost a rite of passage for these kids to sit upon the dunk tank platform while their classmates laugh uproariously at their impending dunkage. Everyone loves it!

I have to admit it's a genius idea to have the kids in the tank. Friends and family members line up with their purchased tickets just waiting for their big chance to dunk. The school must have made a ton of cash on the dunk tank alone! (It didn't hurt that they had two fave teachers getting dunked as well.)

So... Nolan has fond memories similar to mine of his school carnival... Check it out!

Oh. Sweet. Revenge.

Aunt Shannon, Marianne, and Connor each tried to dunk him to no avail. Leave it to the kid brother to come through. He was dunked probably about 10 or so times by his classmates and loved every minute of it!

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