Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sock It To 'Em

Many years ago, in an attempt to squelch my kids from hurting each other in a wrestling match they were having in the living room, I came up with a "new"game of sorts. One of which doesn't require anyone pinning someone else to the ground. In this game, the chances of butting heads and losing a tooth are pretty nil. No one ends up in tears after getting accidentally getting kneed in the chin. (Now do you know why I despise living room wrestling matches?)

It's a little game I like to call "sock fight". It's got the word "fight" right in the title, so any boy would be thrilled to give it a go. Basically, everyone peels off their socks and then rolls them up into tight little balls that resemble snow balls. Then you usually pair off into two teams and separate the room with an imaginary line that the teams are not allowed to cross. Then the chaos ensues!! You try as hard as you can to peg members of the other team with the sock bombs. Weaving and dodging becomes common place and laughter always ensues. I think it is IMPOSSIBLE to actually injure someone with a sock. No matter how hard you throw a sock, it will not hurt. Not only can you not hurt a family member...it is very hard to break any household objects with a sock (well except maybe a little ceramic pumpkin decoration, right Con?). There is no winning or losing a sock fight...you only have fun. It's a mother's dream come true, and I personally think I'm completely genius for thinking of it. :)

So, the next time you're family is bouncing off the walls and needs to get out a little energy... just take off your socks and let 'em fly. Everyone will be tired out within about 10 minutes of sock throwing craziness, you'll all have smiles on your faces, and you might even find a lonely sock stuck to your wall mounted candle sconce three days later...much like I just found this morning!

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PRP said...

You are a genius. I always knew it!