Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rub A Dub-Dub, Carnage In The Tub

Last night after working all the live long day, I decided to take a nice relaxing soak in my tub...
Ahhh....hot water, bubbles, and a magazine.
Except, this is what greeted me as I stepped into the tub.
A freakish "angler fish" of sorts that looked like it was ready to consume half of the ocean's population.
Oh... And then I found this specimen. Imagine a lobster mixed together with the Terminator.
He looked MEAN... beady red eyes. Huge pinchers. Metalic fins. Scary stuff.

Then there was this poor fella. Just taking his jet ski for a stroll around my tub.

Can you imagine the scenario my sweet little Nicholas dreamt up while playing with these characters he built so carefully with his own two hands and his AMAZING imagination.

Ahhh...Blessed is the mother of boys.

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PRP said...

Those creatures are awesome! That boy has never lacked in the imagination department!