Friday, June 24, 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day....neither were my home improvements.

Much of our past year has involved weekends filled with sweat, swearing, and muscle pain. I know I've already blogged about my kitchen counter transformation... But our Kitchen just keeps on changing and I'd thought I'd show you the current condition it is in.
white linoleum floors....and gray laminate counter tops... Not very inviting.
Connor and I installed these new floors last winter. I'm not very up to date on my blogging people... sorry. They are made from Pergo and I'm in lurve with them. They are called Hand scraped hickory and are nice 5 inch wide planks. I love the color and I love how my dog's claws do not penetrate them! They still look brand new!

Connor and nick taking out the old flooring. The kitchen linoleum, the tiny bit of hardwood we had in the entry way, and the carpet we had in our formal dining room were all removed to make way for the new Pergo. I love that all of the rooms flow together better now.
Here's a snapshot of our entry way.

And here is our formal dining room. Love it!
(I'm sure in less than a year I will have a new picture of my kitchen in its ever changing state because I've been wanting to paint my cabinets FOREVER... I will wait until the kiddos are back in school then I'll dawn my painter's duds yet again.)
Connor blames HGTV on my obsession with constantly wanting to update our home. He may be right. But I know he gets just as much satisfaction out of a job well done as I do. It's fun to see our home transform. :)

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