Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My little Air Jordan

Another basketball season has come to a close. I loved watching Nolan play basketball for a number of reasons. First, it was fast paced and exciting to watch him race around the court having so much fun. And Second, it was indoors...warm and DRY.
I swear I did not sign Nolan up for a bowling league...this was taken at their end of season banquet!
Their team name was "The Heat", which Nolan was never very fond of. His vote was for "The Swishers" with "The Slam Dunking Hobos" as a distant second.
His team was comprised of nine boys of all shapes and sizes, they were a great group of kids and a lot of fun to watch.Nolan's basketball skills really improved over the past year. Last year, he used to be a little gun shy of trying to make a basket and would rather pass the ball to a teammate. But now he's more confident in himself and was taking shots whenever he could.

See what I mean? Not shy. He clearly wanted possession of that ball!

His team worked well together, constantly passing and making great plays!

When Nolan wasn't at basketball practice or at a game, you could find him in our driveway trying to improve his accuracy. I found myself out there with him shootin' some hoops constantly amazed at his ability to dribble around me like I was standing still and making shots I thought I was blocking... Basketball is not my forte.
I hope he continues to play in the future, but for now... it's time to try on the baseball cleats and get ready for the sunflower seeds and cold days in the dugout. :)

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PRP said...

It's so fun watching them improve each year.

And yes, we had our first baseball practice tonight...at least our weather is warmer!