Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here's just a little taste of what Halloween was like at our house this year...
We were a little slow to decorate...but everything made it out of the rafters by 2 pm October, 31st.
Here's my son the hobo. We went online to get ideas from Yahoo images. When we searched for hobo we got all kinds of good ideas...When we searched for bum, well...we got some interesting images! (We laughed so hard when we realized bum has more than one definition.)

Looks like he's ready to high tail it to the train tracks...Yup, those are his toes sticking up out of his shoes.
(He did not ride his skateboard, he just happened to be playing when I called him over for pictures....)

Pumpkin #1- Nolan's crazy mustached gourd.
Pumpkin #2-My big toothed pumpkin.
Pumpkin #3- Nick's Medusa haired pumpkin.
(Connor doesn't do pumpkins...)

Nicholas spent the evening with his best pal, Nick. They spent part of the night half-heartedly trick-or-treating and the other part of the night scaring kids that came to our doorstep to get candy. Their favorite victims were pre-teen girls...they screamed the best.
It was a lovely evening for all the cute trick-or-treaters.... Clear skies and almost a full moon.
Hope you all had a fun Halloween too!

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