Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just need to record this little tidbit of funny.

While making our way to our Labor Day destination last weekend, Nolan said something that made me laugh out loud.

He and Nick were passing the hours in the backseat by playing a friendly card game of "war".

Everything was going well, lots of laughter, a few verbal jabs of one upmanship, and the like. Then out of nowhere Nolan said "Sorry, Nick... I can't hear you over the sound of my winning."

Feel free to use this phrase courtesy of Nolan. I know I will be putting it to good use in the future. :)


PRP said...

Ok, first off, I love your new layout and curse you for figuring out the blessed 3 column template when I have failed completely at it! It irks me so! But your page looks beautiful.

Second, count on that lovely by Nolan to get played frequently at our house. Can't you just hear the Rizz now???? LOVE IT.

Kelly said...

I happened upon this template just by pure luck. It was designed by someone else and I just embeded the code and it's mine!