Thursday, July 16, 2009

Down by the fishin' hole

Today, Nolan is off to basketball camp until 3 pm. So since I didn't have to work today... (let me hear you say Hallelujah) I was trying to think of something fun to do with Nick to pass the time.

He thought it'd be fun to try our luck at fishing in the lake down the street. Sounded good to me, but with the sun shining high and the temperature climbing I really didn't expect the fish to be too interested in biting. Boy was I wrong! As soon as Nick casted off the dock he instantly had a bite. I barely had time to sit down in my chair before he was reeling in a trout. He brought it up to the shore but it fought it's way off the hook before he could land it. In my book, that is a catch. I told him if their fins touch the grass even while in the water... chalk it up as a catch!

Well, about 15 bites and SIX catches later he was practically walking on the clouds. This never happens down by our lake. Usually fishing consists of a lot of casting, an occasional snag on sunken logs, and a lot of disappointment. But today the fish were apparently starving, it was so much fun to watch Nick light up every time he had a bite. We were only there for one hour and caught 6 fish, most of which were at least 12 to 14 inches in length.

It was a memorable fishing experience and a lot of fun! He was worried no one would believe him, but I assured him I was his witness. He even called me his good luck charm!

Did I mention I LOVE summer? Seriously, the best time ever!

(Our trip to Sunriver was last week and was an absolute hoot. I promise to post a story and lots of pictures about it soon.)

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Connor said...

SIX fish?!? In an HOUR?!?

You expect us to believe that? I think you two are trying to pull a fast one!