Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cousin Camp 2008

Every year for the past seven years, Connor's Aunt Kim has invited all the cousins of his side of the family to her home in Vancouver Wash. to attend "Cousin's Camp". It's four days filled with singing, crafting, camping, learning, cooking, laughing, and endless cousin fun. What I love most about this wonderful idea of hers, is that the cousins really get to know each other better. A couple of them even fly up from Arizona each year to join the fun! It's a happy place where they can just be kids and create memories to last a lifetime.

Madison, Jessica, Miranda, Kennedy

Nolan, Colten

Ben, Nita, Jay, and Nicholas

In this picture you see the whole crew...well almost the whole crew, We're missing Uncle Ed.

Granny Marie (Helpful, sweet, great grandmother of this entire group of kids), Aunt Kim (Camp leader extraordinaire, fearless leader, and owner of this lovely camp), and Shannon (Camp cook, camp nurse, camp photographer, and busy worker bee.)

Here's Uncle Ed, giving my boy some serious driving lessons. I know who to blame when Nick gets his first ticket.

Time for picking pea pods! Here's Kennedy, she flew all the way from Scottsdale to attend camp!

Miranda pushing Nita on the tree swing

Madison and Ben

I LOVE this picture. It's just plain cute.
(Aunt Kim with Nick)

Jessica creating a work of art on the patio.

Nita, her dimples, and Aunt Kim!

Cousin buddies! Colten and Ben

Look at this beautiful home- It's the perfect place to gather cousins for a weekend full of fun activities. Here are their painted box forts. One for the girls and one for the boys!

Sack race time! When I was a kid, we used old scratchy potato sacks--- This here sack came straight from Arizona and it was lined with velvet, so chic!

It is impossible for Nolan to concentrate without sticking out his tongue...He's tried many times.

Three legged races! Come on kids, work together now!

Nita sitting with Miranda and Kennedy (twins from Arizona)

Victorious Jay! Celebrating his paintball victory-first bulls eye of the group!

Nolan's turn... He looks a little too happy to be holding that if you ask me.

Colten just relaxing and catching some rays while Nolan paddles him around the pond.
Stroke. Stroke.

Girls!! Tall girls!


Each and everyone of these kids had a blast this year. Many thanks to Kim, Ed, Granny, and Shannon for putting so much effort and time into making camp so much darn fun! We truly appreciate all you do for our kids and want you to know that they treasure this time each year. They have learned a lot from you and always come away from camp with fantastic stories to tell, fun songs to sing, and happy memories.

Thank you!!!


PRP said...

That is the coolest idea. I love that she continues to do it every year. What an awesome woman!

Anonymous said...

heyy there Sandifers!!!

it's GRACE !!!
i just wanted to say...
that i love that shot of nick
holding the grasshopper!
it's totally AWESOME !!!:)

oo, and i LOVE <3 reading
your blog! it always makes
me laugh + i like knowing
how you guys are doing!
well... i better be going.
i love you all very much!!!!

smile often